It’s like my favourite music for these holidays.) Enjoy


thnx 4 the photo:

Who: Lostprophets

Genre: alternative, emo, pop-rock, post-grunge

Listen to :

What you need to know about them: guys from Wales. They’re doing their music thing starting from 1997. Released 5 albums and alot – something like about 15 – singles. And even though they don’t play pure emo stuff, but some emos were caught while listnening to them. They say, yeah.

Details. Catchy guitar riffs, and even catchier vocals timbre. Yeah, this’s Ian Watkins’s great job. Add some sweetness, melodiousness, and lyrics where main lyric hero is disapointed, but yet – no, no and one more time no! – doesn’t give up. So just how can you really resist?… I’m adressing girls right now, but in our strange time…

What mood for: for increasing level  of your personal sweetness, while pretending that you’re listening something even like hard music.

For close chat:

The very fresh one: Bring ‘Em Down

My favourite oldschool: Last Train Home

And for сheering up in this strange weather: A Town Called Hypocrisy

thnx 4 the photo:


Genre: country, folk, indie, techno, alt-punk

Listen to :

What you need to know about him: this crazy lad was born in Tel-Aviv. But he has no much luck there. So he went to States first, and then – in England. And it seems he achieved! Here he mixes all genres in one. What most important – while using only himself, his acoustic guitar… and really a heap of guitar effects. With this all stuff he released already 2 LP and 4 singles.

Details. Sometimes his sound resembles Trent Reznor’s with his  NIN (Nine Inch Nails) – but only for a bit. Cause in a second you see already different landscape – this eastern starry night. With this very british accent on top.

What mood for: for increasing feeling your own sexyness, it seems. Or/and for trapping in halftrans state – like at night, in the middle of nowhere… something like desert when some Hollywood directors are shooting another one strange action.

For close chat:

Here you can really almost smell Trent, yeah – Club Thing

Here is just furious live – We All Are Dancing

And one more – Yellowbrite Smile

thnx 4 the photo:

Who: Yelawolf

Genre: hip hop, rap

Listen to :

What you need to know about him: this is an american guy, with some Cherokee blood in his veins. Soing his hip hop thing from 2005.

Details. Musi seems sometimes like a little bit like Three Six Mafia, but only sometimes. Rapping  – bold and insolent, like modern gangsta should be. Easily can be put on background of your party while you are going for another sandwich.

What mood for:  for feeling yourself like very modern gangsta and so cool that even coolest then  the most coolest coolessness.

For close chat:

This one is on my personal repeat button some days already – remix on Box Chevy (feat. Rittz The Rapper)

And here – Box Chevy

And the very very last –  Let’s Roll ft. Kid Rock

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